We are nature

Gillian Colhoun, Neil Baker

All the friendship, community and creativity you might expect from a Dark Angels experience, but with an extra twist of self-knowledge and outdoorsy wellbeing.


The artist, Andy Goldsworthy, observed that too often we forget we are part of nature. So when we lose that awareness with nature, we lose awareness of ourselves.

Our five days in Aracena will provide opportunities to explore our exterior and interior landscapes. Who are we? How are we connected: to ourselves, to one another, to the earth that sustains us?

What’s on offer? 

As with all Dark Angels experiences, there will be invitations and prompts to write as a group and in your own time. Neil and Gillian* will also be offering opportunities to read, make, walk, think and share.

The list below gives you a flavour of what we’ll be up to. You’re welcome to take part in as many or as few activities that feel comfortable for you. It’s worth saying while we plan to spend some time outdoors, we won’t be doing anything that requires a lot of physical effort! Nor do you need to have attended a Dark Angels course previously. Everyone is welcome.

  • Writing together and sharing words, of course
  • Guided forest bathing walks
  • Landscape & nature connection activities
  • Exploring small pleasures
  • Guided relaxation and practices for wellbeing
  • Nurturing the creative self
  • Lots of space and time to reflect on what’s important for you


What will you take away?
All the friendship, community and creativity you might expect from a Dark Angels experience, but with an extra twist of self-knowledge and outdoorsy wellbeing.


What does it cost and what do I get?
The wonderfully spacious ‘cortijo’ has exceptional views secluded in 25 acres of cork and chestnut trees. It has a large swimming pool and lots of shade for reading, writing and relaxing.

For £1,650 you’ll get your own room in the Finca with your own bathroom. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included, apart from one evening when we stroll into town for dinner. Wine will be extra. The house is about an hour and a half from Seville airport. The cost includes a seat on our minibus to and from the airport.

Some of the rooms have twin beds, so if you have a friend you’d like to share with let us know and we will work out a reduced cost for you both. The garden will also accommodate a small tent or two, if you’re so inclined – let us know if you fancy that option.

* Dark Angels tutors and facilitators Neil Baker and Gillian Colhoun.


The Peace of Wild Things
When despair for the world grows in me
and I wake in the night at the least sound
in fear of what my life and my children’s lives may be,
I go and lie down where the wood drake
rests in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds.
I come into the peace of wild things
who do not tax their lives with forethought
of grief. I come into the presence of still water.
And I feel above me the day-blind stars
waiting with their light. For a time
I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.

Wendell Berry
from New Collected Poems (Counterpoint, 2012)



El Tornero de Rebollar is set in the beautiful Andalucian countryside 1 km from the town of Aracena and 92 km from Seville in the Sierra de Aracena Natural Park in Western Andalucía, Spain.


Important things to know:

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Fee: £1,650

Date: 23 Sep

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