Return to Aracena

Gillian Colhoun, Neil Baker

Dark Angels Creative Retreat | Aracena, Spain | September 28 - October 3, 2023

All the friendship, community and creativity you might expect from a Dark Angels experience in a lightly-held space to explore something meaningful to you.


For many of us angels, El Tornero de Rebollar in Aracena holds a special place in our hearts. Perhaps you’ve been there with us before, or have heard about its magic.

This September, Neil and Gillian will be hosting a different kind of experience at the finca – one where the possibilities and potential for what it might be is totally defined by you.

In the company of other angels, this will be a lightly held space to explore something meaningful to you. That could be time to reflect on a big decision, work on a particular project or simply soak up the light and energy. It might even be you go with the sole intention to rest.

‘Lightly held’ means Neil and Gillian will be hosting an environment that is warm, welcoming and respectful. We’ll gather at the start and end of each day to connect with each other, but how you use the time in between is totally up to you.

We’ll offer some creative invitations, but they are yours to accept or decline without explanation or apology – whatever feels right in the moment.

Maybe you’d rather go for a long walk with a notebook and a packed lunch, float in the pool all day, or put in an eight-hour shift to finally finish that chapter?

Whatever you decide, we’ll pick you up at Seville airport on September 28 and drop you back there on October 3.


What does it cost and what do I get?

The wonderfully spacious ‘cortijo’ has exceptional views secluded in 25 acres of cork and chestnut trees. It has a large swimming pool and lots of shade for reading, writing and relaxing.

You’ll get your own room in the Finca with your own bathroom. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included, apart from one evening when we stroll into town for dinner.  The house is about an hour and a half from Seville airport. The cost includes a seat on our minibus to and from the airport.

Some of the rooms have twin beds, so if you have a friend you’d like to share with let us know and we will work out a reduced cost for you both. The garden will also accommodate a small tent or two, if you’re so inclined – let us know if you fancy that option.


The pricing options

Limited early-bird places at £1650* pp based on single occupancy room and own bathroom.

When those have gone, the price will be £1950 pp.

We’re also offering two super-reduced places available for people who want to camp on the lawn (bring your own tent) at £450 pp with access to loos etc in the basement.

*If you want to leave the early-bird opportunity to someone else and pay the normal fee of £1,950, that option is open to you and would help to fund the cheaper slots. Whatever you choose is welcome.




El Tornero de Rebollar is set in the beautiful Andalucian countryside 1 km from the town of Aracena and 92 km from Seville in the Sierra de Aracena Natural Park in Western Andalucía, Spain.


Important things to know:

Bookings & Travel

Fee: £1950 / limited early bird places £1650

Date: 28 Sep

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