Mixing art and writing

John Simmons, Jenni Wallace

Mixing art and writing is a six-month course that aims to explore the connections and revelations made when looking at verbal and visual creativity together.

It’s designed for writers with a particular interest but not necessarily an ability in visual art. Or for artists who want to explore their own creativity in words, spurred on by the visual. The output of the group will be gathered into a new version of the Doolally Gallery, a private view that grows over the course of six months in response to creative briefs designed by John and Jenni.

The briefs, roughly every two weeks, set up exercises that give you time and a safe space to be creative, while never forcing you into areas of discomfort. We aim for a joyful experience, playing with words and images. No one will be judged for lack of artistic skills but, as always, we have faith in the ability of Dark Angels to surprise themselves and others.

The course will be limited in numbers – a maximum of ten – to make sure we give time to everyone. So the sooner you sign up the better – we aim to start by the end of March and finish in early October. Dark Angels based overseas will of course be welcome.



John Simmons, writer and Dark Angels co-founder, and Jenni Wallace, artist and art therapist.


£350 per person, to include all briefs, the online collection and two planned Zoom calls for the group. Supply your own materials.




Fee: £350 SOLD OUT

Date: 29 Mar

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"The ability to get outside my normal head and life space, and think, write and draw about different thought-provoking and uplifting things."

Rebecca Dowman