Black and white photograph of a tunnel at Embankment Station on the London Underground.

Dark Angels Note 173

Dearest Friends

Welcome back to our Friday Note – our weekly collection of writerly thoughts.



This week in 1863, the world’s first underground urban railway opened.

The London Underground began as the Metropolitan Railway, opening on the 10 January 1863 with a service connecting Paddington to Farringdon.

Now, the “Tube” serves 272 stations over 11 lines across the city.

From its striking station construction to instantly recognisable logo, the London Underground is iconic. With its poems, maps and murals, it is an evolving time capsule that is both the subject and the showcase for the art and architecture of London through the years.



Harry Beck’s first Tube ‘diagram’ solved the problem of how to represent clearly and concisely the maze of stations and lines comprising the London Underground.

Although the map disregarded geographical scale, it was an instant success.

Read: ‘The London Underground map: The design that shaped the city’ article on the BBC.


Then, find out why Dark Angel Mark Noad created his own version of the iconic Tube Map.

Check out: The London Tube Map Poster by Mark Noad on The Lettering Arts Trust.



Think back to a time when you’ve taken a journey on the Tube (or other similar train service). Where were you going on this particular trip and what did you notice along the way?

Start by writing a short account and see where the journey takes you.

We’d love to see what you come up with if you’d like to share.



Keep sending us any poems, writings, links and writerly whatnots that you’d like to share with the wider Dark Angels family. We love to read them.




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Be well, keep reading, keep writing and know that we’re always here.

From everyone at Dark Angels