Dark Angels Note 65

Dearest Friends,

Welcome back to our weekly Dark Angels Note.

For the next few months we’ll be switching up the format to hear the many different voices in our Dark Angels community.

This week, Tim Rich shares insights from his writing life.

1. Tell us about something you’re working on right now.

I’ve been working on a book project, Hear Yourself, with speaker Prem Rawat, helping him express his message to the world. The English language version is published this month through HarperCollins, New York, and it’s coming out in many other languages. I have three poems and photographs in the new issue of Oscillations journal with profits going to WaterAid. And I’ve just started working with a German-Swiss health start-up that has developed a remarkable new ‘nutraceutical’ product.

2. Can you recommend something for us to read?

I think a Dark Angel might enjoy a few minutes with Lisel Mueller’s poem ‘Monet Refuses the Operation’ and her short poem that begins ‘When I am asked / how I began writing poems’.

3. What’s the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever read or received? 

It’s one many Dark Angels will know but, like me, may sometimes forget to do – read your draft out loud. It’s a ruthless test for voice, length, vocabulary and rhythm. Actually, speaking as an ex-drummer, good rhythm is vital in writing but often overlooked and hard to teach. My niche writing advice is ‘buy a drum kit’.

4. Share one thing you do when you get stuck.

I might play the piano; I’m a bit of a plonker, as it were, but playing stops me overthinking.

5. What’s your desert island book and why? 

The Road by Cormac McCarthy: such exquisite writing and an extraordinary ending that acts as a mirror to your inner self, particularly how you feel about humankind. I keep changing my mind. By the way, my desert island object is a cherry tree because it would give me blossom, fruit, shelter, firewood and a high place to watch the setting sun.

Many thanks to Tim!


Dark Angels Gatherings
After a summer away, we can’t wait to get back to running our free Tuesday gatherings. But we will have to wait a week longer than planned, as Neil will be on holiday in a Greek wifi blackspot. So we’ll restart on Tuesday September 14th. Same time (7.00-8.00pm in the UK), but with a new Zoom link.

Fancy a trip to the Spongleheim Gallery?
On 21st September we’re going on another virtual excursion to the Spongleheim Gallery where we’ll do lots of creative things in response to the latest show. It’s free. No artistic skills needed. Here’s a link to the gallery.

October Starter Day 
On 20th October at London’s October Gallery, John and Neil plan to host an in-person day of writing. This course is designed as a first step into the world of Dark Angels. But if you’ve worked with us before and just need a day of face-to-face wordy creativity, we’re happy to give returning angels a 25% discount. We also have one 50% discount spot for a scholar – that’s someone who’s new to writing and can’t afford the full fee, so spread the word.

Timings: 09:30 – 16:30
Fee: £475
Drop Susanne an email to save your seat.

Be well, keep reading, keep writing and know that we’re always here..

From everyone at Dark Angels

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