Leonard, a remembrance from early Dark Angels

John Simmons
John Simmons

From John: Up early, showering, dressing, packing, then carrying my belongings of the week across the courtyard to my car.
At six o’clock in early March it was still dark. Stuart and Damian had a plane to catch at Bristol Airport and I needed to drive them there.

We were not an exuberant trio as we drove along with the sun rising over Dartmoor. Perhaps it was the Leonard Cohen music I had
chosen to play, moody and atmospheric but encouraging refection. Perhaps it was the early hour; I am not made for conversation at breakfast,
particularly when I have had no breakfast. But more likely it was the impact of the week, satisfaction mingled with sadness that it had come
to and end; and the realisation that it would be good to be home but that home was still many hours driving away.

Stuart Delves
Stuart Delves

Stuart: That was driving away from the very first Dark Angels course. (That mood the same every time.) I still remember that first journey, and the music as John describes. Leonard Cohen has always been a part of Dark Angels – channeled through John, gratefully received by all.
So many of us remember that album, with that moody cover, at a significant moment of growing up: those songs. So long Marianne…and later, much later, him still with us – just – those last words of his, to her, so beautiful.


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